Michelle Thompson

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Thompson joined ColdSpark as chief operating officer after running one of the most complex jobs around: helping to manage a company that services western Pennsylvania’s increasingly vibrant film industry as the Chief of Staff for Haddad’s Inc.

Before that, she was chief operating officer for Conservation Consultants, a non-profit devoted to energy conservation throughout the region with a focus on reducing the high “energy burden” for Pennsylvania residents with low incomes.

Ready for a new challenge, she came to ColdSpark in December of 2017, where she quickly took charge of managing a squad of talented political, graphics, and communications professionals. As COO, Michelle’s talents include an exceptional B.S. radar and a no-nonsense flair for problem-solving.

Born in Fulda, Germany, she came to the United States as a youngster, the daughter of an American serviceman and a German mother. She attended Clarion University of Pennsylvania where she majored in political science, pre-law, and German. She also attended several leadership programs, including the prestigious Anne B. Anstine Excellence in Public Service Series.

In her spare time, this former Roller Derby girl stays active through fitness fads, hiking, fishing, and taking millions of photos of her dog Heinz.