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You can’t shape history from second place. At ColdSpark, we specialize in beating the odds and winning. Your campaign matters. Your voice should be heard. Your issues deserve a fighting chance. We can help.

What We Do

Whether you’re trying to win an election, promote a brand, build an email list, or generate media buzz, we can help tell your story and achieve your win.

Political Consulting

From presidential campaigns to U.S. Senate races to local legislative races, we’ve seen and done it all.

Public Affairs

Many organizations face political challenges. From regulatory obstacles to legislative targets, we can help you achieve your goals.

Digital Strategy

Whether your goal is persuading voters, building a coalition, growing membership or raising money, the digital world is more important than ever.

Media Production & Advertising

We produce award-winning media that gets the job done. And we do it on time and on budget.

Branding & Graphic Design

We’re the most awarded political branding agency in the country. We’re here to create the brand that drives your message.

“The political pundits didn’t think we could win in 2016, and they would have been right without ColdSpark on my team.”

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA)

“When I decided to launch Stand For America, ColdSpark was there every step of the way. We wouldn’t be nearly two million members strong without their help.”

Amb. Nikki Haley

Our Wins

We love what we do and we embrace the challenge of a good fight. Tough races. Insurmountable odds. Uphill battles. “Unwinnable” issues. This is what we live for.
Check out a few of our big wins.

The Road to

Senator Pat Toomey
Campaign Strategy

Pat Toomey

Case Study

Campaign Strategy

Nikki Haley & Stand For America

Case Study

Digital Strategy

Pittsburgh Works

Case Study

Advocacy & Coalition

Congressman Guy Reschenthaler

Case Study

Campaign Strategy

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Video Views


Chance the Pirates
Will Win the World Series
(we’re optimists)

Our Edge

Some people work to live. We live to work. After decades in politics and public affairs and hundreds of campaigns across the country, we still love what we do and never stop giving it our all. That’s the ColdSpark difference.

Data-driven Strategies

We use data to drive winning strategies that get the job done.

Creative Solutions

We combine a strategic approach with our depth of experience to craft creative solutions that break through the noise, hit the mark and inspire action.

Proactive Public Relations

We make sure you’re one step ahead of your audience, the press and key influencers.

No Distractions

We keep our eyes on the prize and stay laser-focused on the long-game to ensure you win the race, not just the lap.

Fast, Effective Response
& Turnaround

We deliver at the speed of politics — whether it’s turning around an effective TV ad quickly or crafting timely, strategic responses in a crisis.

100% Committed

We take what we do very seriously. We know what works and we also know how to listen so we can best meet your unique objectives.


Winning tough fights: Phil Valenziano joins as VP

At Coldspark, we love a challenge.  Our pedigree is taking on the toughest races, and using strategic thinking and creativity to engineer victory. So when it comes to picking new members of our leadership team, we naturally seek individuals who are ambitious, aggressive, and strategic in everything they do. That said, we’re thrilled to announce […]
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ColdSpark Wins at the 2024 Reed Awards!

Direct mail in the COVID era requires a whole new level of details and timelines to manage. Our clients and our colleagues in this field are now regularly seeing pre-sort standard mailers taking 7-10 days on average for delivery.
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Direct Mail in the COVID Era

Direct mail in the COVID era requires a whole new level of details and timelines to manage. Our clients and our colleagues in this field are now regularly seeing pre-sort standard mailers taking 7-10 days on average for delivery.
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Responding to an Election Day Crisis

When a fake text claiming our candidate had withdrawn circulated on Election Day, we had no choice but to enter crisis mode. Below, ColdSpark founding partner Mark Harris, details how our campaign beat the odds and came out victorious.
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We Overcame the Odds in FL-19

ColdSpark is proud to announce our client, Byron Donalds, won his very competitive primary in Florida’s 19th Congressional District last night.
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Navigating the New Normal of Office Culture

The coronavirus pandemic affects all of us in big and small ways. Many of us are working from home, some of us for the first time in a long-term capacity. We’re trying to stay as positive as we can, but what if your office culture is one of the things about your job that brings you joy?
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Can you rattle off the names of members of Congress? Do you measure time in political cycles? Do you check social media obsessively? Do you love the thrill of competition and thrive in fast-paced work environments? If so, we are your people.
Learn more about who we are and where we’re expanding.