Media Production & Advertising

Your message means nothing if nobody hears it. At ColdSpark, we follow a proven approach that gets your mission in front of your audience when it matters most. From direct mail initiatives to broadcast advertising, we find the right plan for your unique goals, timeline and budget. Speak up and stand out with our media production and advertising services.

What We Do

Direct Mail

Get your message into the hands of your stakeholders with strategically driven, visually compelling direct mail initiatives that build awareness and spark action.

TV, Radio, Video Production & Placement

Creating captivating content is only half the battle. We develop TV, radio and video ads that align with your broader strategy, and place them in the markets that make the most sense for your goals and budget.

Outdoor Advertising

Reach people where they live. We help you expand beyond the digital world by creating attention-grabbing advertisements for billboards, posters, transit displays and more.


Your mission is important. Find the right words for it. Our experienced copywriters work to understand your values and objectives, and tailor scripts, ads and general messaging accordingly.

Your Message.
Your Way.

We weave award-winning creative into your custom-built strategy to ensure that your message is heard and makes the largest impact possible. From branding and logo development to a modern website design to attention-grabbing direct mail and digital advertising, ColdSpark’s in-house design and creative team are the best in the business. Your message deserves an audience — we’ll make sure you have one.

See Our Wins

Take a closer look at some of our recent media production and advertising projects

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Campaign Strategy

Nikki Haley & Stand For America

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Digital Strategy

Pittsburgh Works

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Advocacy & Coalition

Congressman Guy Reschenthaler

Case Study

Campaign Strategy

Turning Experience Into Results

You don’t just want to reach your audience, you want to connect with them. Our team holds decades of production experience helping campaigns and organizations amplify their message to drive action. We know what it takes because we’ve been in your shoes. Get to know the minds behind our mission.