Political Consulting

Plan to win. Play to Win. Expect the Win.

When you’ve been in politics for as long as we have, you know that a winning campaign is more than the sum of its parts. But political consultants rarely execute with this in mind. Many approach running campaigns like completing a puzzle, piecing together tactics and slogans in an attempt to produce a winning picture. We look at how the pieces fit together and build a campaign with that in mind.

Anatomy of a
Political Campaign

So you want to run for political office? ColdSpark will guide you through the entire process from the initial decision all the way to victory.

1. Deciding to Run

It’s a huge commitment. All eyes will be on you, your campaign and your message. Is this your moment? Can you win? How will your campaign be funded? ColdSpark will guide you through the decision-making process to make sure you enter the race fully informed and ready to win.

2. Announcement

You’ve made the leap. You’re in! Your announcement is the first opportunity for donors, voters and the press to hear your message. You’ll need a logo, a website, a treasurer, a press plan, a social media presence and seed money to start. ColdSpark will help you put your best foot forward and showcase your campaign’s credibility. First impressions count.

3. Fundraising

You can’t win without resources to get your message out to voters. With a fundraising team by your side, you will make hundreds of calls to help fund your campaign. ColdSpark and your finance team will craft a detailed plan to make sure your campaign can raise the money it needs to win.

4. Build the Team

A strong campaign amplifies your ability to deliver your message. ColdSpark will help build the team by recommending a campaign manager, pollster, media team and other vital campaign staff. The stronger the team, the stronger your campaign.

5. Write the Campaign Plan

What will the campaign do? How will you spend your days as a candidate? Your campaign plan will lay out a budget, strategy and measurable goals to make sure the campaign stays on track as it kicks into high gear.

6. Research & Polling

In order to understand the playing field, campaigns need information—about you, about your opponents and about the political environment. From vulnerability studies to opposition research reports to specially designed polls, ColdSpark will commission the research and bring on a top-notch polling team to help define the battlefield and your strategy.

7. Craft the Message

The secret ingredient of winning campaigns is discipline. That means developing a winning message and sticking to it in everything the campaign says and does. The messaging strategy will permeate all aspects of the campaign, from stump speeches to social media to interviews to TV ads. We’ll help you craft the message, write your speeches, and practice press interviews if needed.

8. Talking to Voters on Television, on Digital, and in Mailboxes

You’re a fundraising juggernaut, and now is the time to turn up the volume! ColdSpark will build the media strategy to win votes. With so many ways to talk to voters, message delivery has grown increasingly complex in recent years. ColdSpark will make sure you talk to the right voters with the right message and stretch your campaign dollars as far as possible. From broadcast TV to cable to voter contact mail to digital, ColdSpark will build a strategy that reacts in real time to data and events.

9. Final Days of the Campaign

At the end of the day, it’s the votes counted on Election Day that matter and nothing else. Now is the time to call up every volunteer, donor and supporter to make sure you get as many people to vote for you as possible. A winning campaign never takes its foot off the gas until the polls are closed.

10. Election Day

Your campaign has grown into an army of donors, volunteers, and supporters who have your back. Today is the day to push voters to the polls and tackle any last-minute surprises. Remember to take a moment for yourself and your family. Running for office is a big deal, and you deserve some quiet time before the big night.

11. Election Night – Victory

The voters have spoken: You’re victorious, but the work doesn’t stop here. ColdSpark will help craft your victory speech and support your career as a leader shaping our country’s future for the better.

When you have a winning formula,
you can plan for victory.

Here are a few of the elements in our winning formula:

Messaging Strategy

Craft a strong narrative that resonates and changes hearts and minds.

Campaign Strategy

Build a winning campaign that’s informed by experience and grounded in the political landscape, target audience and competitive analysis that makes the difference.

Strategic Advocacy

Know how and where to share your message, and create a systematic approach to reaching public officials to help advance your cause.

Research & Polling

Understand what constituents, public officials, leaders and other relevant stakeholders are thinking, feeling and saying so you can best reach and engage them.

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