Dennis Roddy

Senior Advisor

Dennis Roddy comes to ColdSpark after a four-decade career in journalism, a four-year stint as a special assistant to the governor of Pennsylvania, and a year of alarming his Democratic siblings by getting Republicans elected.

A native of Johnstown, PA, he worked his way through college photographing weddings, working at weekly newspapers and making pizza at a corner shop. As a journalist, he covered natural disasters such as floods and tornadoes, unnatural disasters such as conventions and elections, and everything else from the Troubles in Northern Ireland to the troubles in Harrisburg.

He joins ColdSpark as a senior advisor, providing messaging expertise, cutting-edge creativity and writing skills that have won him a slew of local, state, and national journalism awards.

He lives in Mt. Lebanon with his wife, Joyce. His hobbies include reading, photography and frightening people with that stick he’s holding.