Nathan Kanuch

Project Manager

Nate Kanuch was born and raised just outside of Pittsburgh, the greatest city in the world, Nate would proudly say, in Robinson Township. He attended Washington & Jefferson College and graduated with degrees in history and political science in 2016. He and his fiancé now reside in Moon Township.

Nate worked on several local campaigns during his time at W&J before volunteering with John Kasich’s Presidential campaign in 2016. From graduation until his hire at Cold Spark, Nate worked at REI, outfitting customers for trips across the globe and finding a love for operations and systems in Shipping-Receiving.

From April to September and October when the playoffs arrive, Nate’s spare time is taken by the Pittsburgh Pirates. And from September to February, Nate cheers for Pitt on Saturday and the Steelers on Sunday.

Make sure to ask him why he sides with Thomas Jefferson over Alexander Hamilton when discussing political philosophy.